Tax Investigations

What is a tax investigation?

A tax investigation is a study of any unpaid tax by a person or business carried out by the HMRC.

HMRC carry out tax investigations at random. With state-of-the-art surveillance equipment that feeds in to bank accounts, business documents, assets and premises, the taxman has free range to find out the most personal aspects of your financial dealings.

Thanks to this access, the HMRC can target specific job categories. Anyone can be put under the spotlight, from self-employed solicitors to eBay sellers.

A tax investigation can be complex, lengthy, disruptive and expensive. The HMRC like to make high-profile examples of anyone who has not paid the right amount of tax, and courts have been known to issue prison sentences to offenders.

Different reasons for a tax investigation

There are a number of cues that prompt an HMRC tax investigation. These include:

  • You gain income from a property
  • You work in an industry that traditionally takes cash payments
  • Your tax returns reveal inconsistencies, a sudden increase in cost or a drop in income
  • The HMRC receives a tip-off
  • Your tax return is filed late
  • You fall under a category that the HMRC are currently targeting
  • You have an off-shore bank account
  • Your tax returns are not reflected in your standard of living

What to do when you are investigated for tax

When you are investigated for a tax return, there are no short cuts or ways out. The best advice is to be compliant, truthful and calm.

Provide all evidence when it is asked for; appoint the services of someone who is an expert in tax investigations who can take your side; and prepare thoroughly for meetings. All this will help the tardy process of the investigation develop as well as it can.

How can DPP Business & Tax help?

If the HMRC are on your back, expert legal help is imperative. Our teams of expert financial lawyers are highly experienced in tax investigations and provide the highest standard of legal support and help. Please contact us on here and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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