Tax Evasion and Penalties

How can DPP Business & Tax Solicitors help?

Our dedicated team of Business & Tax Solicitors have years of experience in helping people from a range of different industries who have been accused or convicted of tax evasion. You may be in the early stages of an investigation, or you may have a court date looming. No matter what stage your tax evasion case is at, we can help.

HMRC and tax evasion

In recent years, HMRC has attempted to blur the boundary between tax evasion and tax avoidance. This has made it easier for them to prosecute people who have been suspected of evading tax payment.

Tax law is incredibly complex, and there are many reasons why an individual may be accused or convicted of tax evasion. You may have failed to file a tax return or made false entries in your records, or you may have, for one reason or another, underreported your income.

Whatever the reason for HMRC suspecting you of tax evasion, it’s absolutely essential that you get legal advice from a professional that has experience in handling tax evasion cases.

Can I go to prison for tax evasion?

Although it is possible to be given a prison sentence for serious tax evasion crimes, HMRC tend to seek civil penalties. A prosecution is usually sought in cases of deliberate tax fraud, for repeat offenders, or where large amounts of money is involved. However, we strongly advise you seek professional legal advice and counsel, even if the tax evasion was not deliberate.

Contact a member of our friendly Business & Tax Solicitors team to discuss your case in more detail. We will then be able to advise you what to do next.

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When it comes to tax services, our solicitors have a reassuring amount of experience. We’ve been defending fraud cases for more than twenty years.

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Additional resources are now being directed by HMRC to identify and tackle tax avoidance, tax evasion and organised criminal attacks on the system.

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