Being suspected of smuggling means that contacting a solicitor is of top-level importance. DPP Business & Tax Solicitors has helped countless number of clients achieve success in smuggling cases and we can do the same for you today.

Have you been accused of smuggling?

If the police have suspected you of smuggling or if you have been made part of an HMRC smuggling inquiry, you need good legal support as soon as possible.

HMRC take a very aggressive stance in smuggling cases, and courts are handing out sentences of six years or more for anyone found guilty of smuggling offences.

However, it is also easy to be implicated in smuggling crimes without any understanding of the crime. Often, those who have planned the operation will involve innocent parties to carry out stages of the crime without their realising.

Smuggling and the law

Due to the seriousness of smuggling, it is likely that the investigation will include the Serious Organised Crime Agency. Sentencing for smuggling is handed down by the Crown Court, and the sentence itself will depend on a variety of factors, including:

  • If the goods smuggled are drugs, their classification and street value
  • Any outside influences i.e. gang relations
  • The intention or purpose of the smuggling

We have years of experience in handling smuggling cases. Our experienced team of Business & Tax Solicitors are on hand to provide legal advice and counsel when needed, so contact us today.

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