PAYE and Payroll Fraud

How DPP Business & Tax Solicitors can help

DPP Business & Tax Solicitors has years of experience representing individuals and businesses in PAYE and payroll fraud cases. Depending on your level of involvement and the severity of the crime, we can create a defence that increases your chances of success in court.

What to expect during a PAYE investigation

The purpose of a PAYE investigation is to establish whether a business has operated PAYE correctly. The investigation will take place at your business premises, and there will usually be two HMRC officers present. The officers will investigate:

  • The payment of wages and salaries
  • How expenses and benefits are recorded and reported
  • People who have been treated as self-employed and the reasons for this (also called a status enquiry)
  • Redundancy payments

HMRC will examine any relevant books and records, and will take the opportunity to obtain and examine any information they feel will come in useful for their colleagues at the HMRC office. HMRC has the right to take copies of any documents with them to the office.

Who will need to be there?

Anyone who operates or is involved with the PAYE system at your business will need to be present to answer any questions.

PAYE and payroll fraud cases can be quite complex and often difficult to prove. Sometimes, staff employed in finance departments may be implicated unwittingly in fraud. In other scenarios, they may be positioned as scapegoats in order to hide the activity of senior management.

Have you been accused of PAYE and payroll fraud?

The Fraud Act 2006 was passed to make it easier for the courts to prosecute fraudulent conduct, meaning that it’s vital to obtain legal advice and counsel from specialist defence solicitors, who have handled these types of cases previously.

It’s never too early to contact us, so if the authorities have been in contact with you about an investigation or you’ve been charged with an offence, get in touch today.

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