HMRC Interview Under Caution

DPP Business & Tax Solicitors has many years of experience in successfully representing individuals and businesses in HMRC Interviews Under Caution. We understand how stressful being on the wrong side of HMRC can be – which is why we’re available to speak to you on the phone so you can find out how we can assist you in the process.

Have you been invited to an Interview Under Caution by HMRC?

An Interview Under Caution is part of the investigative process when HMRC are building a case against someone they suspect of tax irregularities. This is an incredibly important step for both the suspect and the taxman – answering a question in a particular way can have a dramatic effect in the outcome of the case. While investigators may state that they wish to establish the truth, they will pick up on anything said that confirms HMRC’s suspicions.

In short, the interview is riddled with pitfalls, which is why legal counsel and representation is absolutely vital at every step of the way.

How HMRC instigate an interview under caution

Once upon a time, any transgressions regarding tax irregularities were treated relatively tamely by HMRC. If they eventually got their money, there were happy. But in the late 90s, HMRC’s approach changed dramatically. Since then, high profile court cases and successful prosecutions have been a regular occurrence, alongside their tough stance of eradicating tax evasion in all its forms across all sections of society.

Nowadays, HMRC target people suspected of tax avoidance with a series of coordinated dawn raids at their home or business address. However, the majority of people are likely first to receive a letter informing them that they are now under investigation by HMRC and they will be required to attend an Interview Under Caution.

When you receive this letter, your next step should be to make a call to a solicitor.

DPP Business & Tax Solicitors are one of the leading law firms in the UK and can be an enormous benefit if you are invited to an Interview Under Caution by HMRC. Get the best tax defence now by calling our offices or filling out the form here.

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