Excise Duty Fraud

HMRC maintain a tough line with businesses such as the alcohol industry where they consider that tax evasion is more likely, partly because of the large amount of cash payments and low margins.  The attitude HMRC take is more on the line of prove you are not evading tax rather that HMRC proving you are.

As a result HMRC can start to involve you in a time consuming investigation which can damage your business even if no tax evasion has occurred. If tax evasion is discovered, HMRC make seek a civil or criminal remedy depending on the scale of the fraud but in both cases it is essential that appropriate advice is sought at the earliest stage of the investigation, preferably when you have first been notified of a planned inspection.

DPP Business & Tax Solicitors has associations with companies who specialise in advising businesses being investigated by HMRC and can help ensure that the correct procedures are being followed and minimise damage to your business while the investigation is proceeding.

HMRC also are on the outlook for a fraud called Missing Trader Fraud, also known as MTIC or carousel fraud. This is where goods are imported with zero rate of VAT but are sold to the customer with VAT and this VAT is not passed on to the Government. The seller of the goods becomes a “missing trader”. Carousel Fraud also involves a “missing trader” with VAT being reclaimed many times for the same goods.

If you have been arrested for tax evasion or tax fraud you need to have the best legal representation from solicitors with a successful track record in defending such cases.  In cases such as these, bank accounts can be frozen and travel restrictions applied which can cause major harm to your business. DPP Business & Tax Solicitors has represented clients facing civil or criminal charges from small amounts up to multi-million pound claims whether or not legal aid is available.

If you require legal counsel or in representation, contact our specialist Business & Tax team now here.

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When it comes to tax services, our solicitors have a reassuring amount of experience. We’ve been defending fraud cases for more than twenty years.

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Additional resources are now being directed by HMRC to identify and tackle tax avoidance, tax evasion and organised criminal attacks on the system.

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