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DPP Business and Tax offer a wide range of tax services, including support and advice – along with representation – in a HMRC criminal or civil investigation. An investigation may be launched if you are suspected of partaking in fraudulent tax-related activity, including tax evasion amongst other crimes.

Investigations can be divided between criminal and civil, both of which are different from one another – civil investigations allow the taxpayer to disclose any irregularities in their own affairs or of anybody they are responsible for; criminal investigations occur when a civil investigation yields further irregularities. It is entirely possible for a civil tax investigation to be swiftly increased to a criminal one, and at the same time – with the right defence – criminal tax investigations can be reduced down to civil matters.

DPP Business and Tax can defend both criminal tax investigations, and civil tax investigations. Offering longstanding expertise in the area of advice and representation. Whether you need information on what course of action to take, or somebody to stand beside you in court – we are able to assist with your case.

We can help you reach the best possible outcome as quickly and as stress-free as possible. Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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