Diversion Fraud Defence

How DPP Solicitors can help with diversion fraud

DPP Business & Tax criminal defence specialises in criminal litigation, especially on diversion fraud defence, serious crime and money laundering. We have in depth experience of liaising with HMRC and if necessary, any appearances in civil or criminal courts. Right from the initial enquiry, we provide legal representation, legal advice and support to individuals and businesses that have been suspected of diversion fraud.

Have you been accused of payment diversion fraud?

Those who have been accused of VAT, payment or invoice diversion fraud will work within the alcohol and tobacco import and/or export industry. Prosecutions will involve charges of fraudulently avoiding the payment of duty and are brought under the Customs and Excise Management Act of 1979.

The HMRC take this type of fraud very seriously, and some crimes that fall under this category run into hundreds of millions of pounds.

Diversion fraud penalties and sentencing guidelines

HMRC wield a very strict penalty system in cases of invoice, payment and VAT diversion fraud. While this type of fraud can involve a large number of people, and it is quite easy to prove, penalties differ from case to case.

However, many cases result in large fines being paid out to recover lost revenue to HMRC.

In exceptional cases, those found guilty can face lengthy prison sentences.

DPP Business & Tax Solicitors are one of the leading law firms for payment diversion fraud defence in the UK. Get the best fraud defence now by calling our offices or filling out the our contact form.

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