What Are HMRC’s VAT Investigation Time Limits

If you’re a business owner, you’ll know that a happy taxman equals a happy business. However, a VAT HMRC inspection can happen to any type of business at anytime. So what triggers one, and what are HMRC’s VAT investigation time limits??

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How Can A Company Detect Carousel Fraud?

For business to thrive, it needs to steer clear of any type of fraud. If HMRC can demonstrate that your trade was linked to fraudulent activity, huge penalties and fines will follow.

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New Penalties For Tax Fraud And Evasion In Finance Bill 2017

The Finance Bill 2017 has introduced several new penalties regarding tax evasion, in the government’s bid to tackle these crimes. Tax fraud and evasion have hit the headlines many times in recent years, and the new bill looks to not only prevent new crimes from occurring, but to also seek out those from the past.

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Finance Bill 2017 – Introducing Fines For Those Offering Tax Avoidance Advice

Published on the 20th March this year, the 2017 Finance Bill contains measures that aim to crack down on tax evasion enablers. The bill is over 700 pages in length, and introduces new fines for those offering advice on tax avoidance schemes.

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I’ve Been Reported For Online Tax Evasion – What Do I Do?

If you have been reported for tax evasion, it can be an incredibly distressing ordeal. This article explains what to do if you’ve been reported for tax evasion, what happens during a tax evasion investigation and also looks into a newer bout of tax evasion which regards online sales.Read More

How To Prevent Payroll Fraud

Payroll fraud is still a massive issue in business. In fact, 2012 report released by the National Fraud Authority, suggested that it cost the public sector in excess of £334 million a year alone.

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We’ve been defending tax cases and advising in actions against HMRC for more than twenty years.

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