Proceeds of Crime Act 2002: Civil Recovery or Criminal Recovery?

Part 5 of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (or POCA 2002) enables prosecuting agencies to recover property which have been obtained through unlawful conduct.This right can be exercised by the NCA or another authority whether or not any proceedings have been brought in relation to a criminal offence.Read More

Section 22 Proceeds of Crime Act: A Second Bite of the Cherry

Section 22 of the Proceeds of Crime Act refers to the revisitation of earlier confiscation orders that were made at a time when the full amount originally believed to have been illegally obtained by a defendant was not available for recovery, and can currently be called upon by the prosecution at any time in order to confiscate the remaining sum.

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What Is The Penalty For Tipping Off Money Laundering?

If you are concerned that you may soon be investigated for offences related to money laundering – for example, tipping off money laundering, which includes informing somebody that they are being investigated – or you know of someone else who has these concerns, you’re likely trying to work out what to do next. Read More

The Seven Year Rule Explained

The seven year rule comes into play when a person gives a gift of money, possession or property to a family member. If you die within seven years of giving the gift, the recipient will be expected to pay inheritance tax on this, if it comes to more than the £325,000 threshold.

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Shahid is volunteering in Bangladesh

If you’ve switched on the news recently, you’ll have no doubt been shown heartbreaking images of refugees struggling to survive as they escape from their own, war torn countries.Read More

How Does Smuggling Affect The Economy?

In this blog, we look at how smuggling can affect a country’s economy. The act of smuggling has several consequences, all of which can have disastrous wider effects – many of which will be detailed below. Firstly, we look at the mercantilism and its definition.Read More

Tax Services

When it comes to tax services, our solicitors have a reassuring amount of experience. We’ve been defending fraud cases for more than twenty years.

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Business Services

Additional resources are now being directed by HMRC to identify and tackle tax avoidance, tax evasion and organised criminal attacks on the system.

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